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I'm Dan Schlegel, an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at SUNY Oswego

Knowledge Visualization and Interaction

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  1. Schlegel, D.R. and Elkin, P.L., Ontology Visualization Tools to Assist in Creating and Maintaining Textual Term Definitions. Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Defi- nitions in Ontologies (IWOOD 2015), July 2015.
  2. Schlegel, D.R. and Shapiro, S.C., Visually Interacting with a Knowledge Base Using Frames, Logic, and Propositional Graphs. In M. Croitoru, J. Howse, S. Rudolph, and N. Wilson, Eds., Graph Structures for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 7205, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2012, pp. 188-207.